Accepted Sessions


Session Speaker(s) Experience level Track
Haints and Boogers in the Ether Dan Nagy

Just because you are not paranoid does not mean you are not being hacked. 

Intermediate Everybody
What Can Librarians Do to Facilitate Access to Justice? Latia Ward

People who have legal needs, but not the resources to meet those needs may view libraries and librarians as sources of legal information.  This session is designed to show librarians ways that...

Intermediate Librarians
Legal Analytics at GSU Law Ben Chapman

Ben Chapman, Executive Director of the Legal Analytics & Innovation Initiative at GSU College of Law will be speaking about the new legal analytics program at Georgia State.

Beginner Everybody
Deploying a Legal Technology Education Program; Panel Discussion Regarding Tackling The Issue of Technology Competency Douglas Lusk, Corinne St. Claire, Ulysses Jaen

Session Title: Deploying a Legal Technology Education Program; Panel Discussion Regarding Tackling The Issue of Technology Competency


Beginner Everybody
MDM - A Technological Approach to the day to day Clinical Challenges Cesar Peralta

The main focus of this session will be on safeguarding all the information that gets transacted during the interaction that clinicians and supervisors have with clients, potential clients,...

Intermediate Technologists
Are You Experienced? - Simple Timesheets for Experiential Learning Courses Leslie Grove, Eleanor Lanier

ABA Standards require students to complete six credit hours of experiential learning.  Hours must be tracked, and field placements in particular require students to keep logs of their activities...

Beginner Everybody
Teaching Technology Skills by Design, by Ambush, and in Context Amy Milligan, Gary Moore, Eve Ross

Teaching Technology Skills by Design, by Ambush, and in Context

Beginner Everybody
Law Students + Access To Justice + Legal Education Technology = A2J Author Jessica Frank, Tobias Nteireho, John Mayer

CALI's A2J Author® suite has been used to teach students the law through technology in an engaging way by constructing meaningful solutions to legal problems in their community. This session will...

Beginner Everybody
S. C. Legal Services Presentation of Learn the Law Online Classrooms (The Process) Susan Ingles, Leslie Fisk

A Presentation of S.C. Legal Services Online Classrooms (The Process)

“Detours, Switchbacks and Straightaways: Designing, Creating and Producing an Online Classroom on”

Puppeteer: Automation of your web scraping and testing using Chrome Tom Ryan

This session will provide an introduction to Google's Puppeteer. Puppeteer is an advanced api to control Chrome, including in headless mode, using the open-source, cross-platform Node.js runtime...

Intermediate Everybody
They said there would be no math: Law schools teaching high-tech and high-concept courses Deborah Ginsberg, Alexander Rabanal

This session will focus on the courses and programs law schools offer that teach advanced technologies and tech concepts.

Deborah Ginsberg, Chicago-Kent
Alex Rabanal, Chicago-Kent

Beginner Everybody
From Decoder Rings to Deep Fakes: Translating Complex Technologies for Legal Education Jason Tubinis, Rachel Evans

“Technological developments are disrupting the practice of law” is a common refrain, but the last few years has seen some particularly complex pieces of technology become the hot new thing in...

Beginner Faculty
Introducing CALI Author Web! Sam Goshorn, Elmer Masters

Now you can create, edit, and publish your own lessons via the web browser.

Intermediate Everybody
Backwards Design: Assessment, Alignment, Quality Matters, and Online Learning Consortium Patricia Baia, Latia Ward, Margaret Butler

FYI: I am looking for others who would like to co-present.

Intermediate Everybody
The LII: 2020 and beyond Craig Newton, Sara Frug

We've been shifting the paradigms of public legal information since 1992, and we're excited to preview some of what we're working on now and have planned for the future.  Will we be creating new...

Beginner Everybody
S.C. Legal Services Presentation of Online Classrooms (The Product) Susan Ingles

"If you don't have the content, the technology to access it doesn't help."  From Opening Remarks of LSC President Jim Sandman at the 2019 Innovations in Technology Conference.

Beginner Everybody
Leveraging e-Resources for Affordable Course Materials Mary Ann Neary, Lisa Davis

Learn how to ease law students' economic burden by leveraging your institution's existing e-resources for use as affordable course materials.

Beginner Everybody
If We Had a Redo Gary Moore, Adam Martin

As the new University of South Carolina School of Law building was planned and then built, Adam Martin and Gary Moore from the School of Law worked with a third-party integrator and University...

Beginner Everybody
From Concept to Concrete: Teaching Law Students about AI Jesse Bowman, Stephan Martone

In 2019, few attorneys practice law without the assistance of some form of artificial intelligence.

Beginner Everybody
Enhancing Accessibility for All Law Students Karina Condra

Law schools are legally required to provide accessible content to their students. Complaints against colleges and universities for failing to make their websites and course materials accessible to...

Beginner Everybody
"I Thought I Knew What I Was Getting Into" - A Paradigm Shift From Undergrad Online Learning to Online Legal Education David Rose


Beginner Everybody
Is There An App for That? Online tools & gamification of legal knowledge Eli Edwards

Technology has not only changed how lawyers practice but how law students learn.

Beginner Everybody
Using LibGuides and Classmarker for Content Delivery and Online Assessment In and Beyond the Classroom Aaron Glenn

This presentation will demonstrate the use of online platforms LibGuides and Classmarker as a model for creating virtual textbooks and assessments that support a “flipped” classroom and allow the...

Automating processing and intake in the institutional repository with Python John Beatty

The Charles B. Sears Law Library at the University at Buffalo School of Law recently completed a seven-month project to load the entire backfile of the school’s six law journals onto its Digital...

Beginner Librarians
Cancelling a Snow Day Charles Perkins, Cassandra Patterson

Everyone loves a snow day.  The joy of an unexpected block of free time.  However, the work still must get done - which means suffering through a make-up class and the countless secondary effects...

Gizmos, Gadgets & Grimoires: Enchanting Students by Enhancing Your Online Course World Cynthia Adams, Jennifer Shirk, Allison Martin

With the support of professional online instructional designers, the IU McKinney Law faculty has created a virtual cauldron of gizmos and gadgets guaranteed to lure even the most obstinate student...

Intermediate Faculty
Staying the Course / Staying Relevant Phillip Bohl, Tom Ryan

With the downturn in law school applications, funding challenges, staffing changes/reductions and the upswing in ancillary programs to make up for lost revenue, law schools and law school...

Beginner Technologists
A Timelord, a Timeline and Legal Instruction Rachel Evans, Sharon Bradley, Eleanor Lanier

From online embeds to interactive displays, timelines can serve many purposes and tell powerful stories.

Beginner Everybody
A Sense of Belonging: Giving Distance Ed Students the "Law School Experience" Joel Whitney

This session will explore the benefits and challenges of fostering a sense of belonging in distance education students, and discuss the technology and policy efforts that the Syracuse University...

Beginner Everybody
Creating an Asynchronous Course: A Case Study Deb Quentel, Sally Wise

One of the presenters had a personal goal: to effectively use all of CALI’s tools in her asynchronous online class, with an emphasis on their use for formative assessment.

Intermediate Faculty
THE MEAT SHOWER MYSTERY! - Teaching Soft Skills and Information Literacy Through Immersive Experiences Charlie Amiot

You are stuck in an office with only 45 minutes to look into the disappearance of Dr.

Beginner Everybody
CALI in 2025 - Jetsons, Dystopias, Zombies? Choosing Our Own Adventure John Mayer

Every year, I do a session talking about the current and near future of CALI.  This session is not that.  I am 57 years old and by 2025, I will be 65 and possibly retiring.  CALI could be doing...

Beginner Everybody
Aligning Video Elements within a Community of Inquiry Amber Owens

Incorporating asynchronous video in your online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses can enhance the student experience – when used with careful consideration.

Beginner Everybody
Revealed! The new CALI website theme Elmer Masters

We're going to launch our new website design during the conference. Join Elmer as he walks you through the new look and talks a bit about the process.

Beginner Everybody
Open-Source Alternatives to Digital Commons David Holt

A significant number of law schools have adopted BePress' Digital Commons as their hosting platform, and institutional repository, for student journals, faculty scholarship, and journal symposia...

Intermediate Technologists