The CALIcon19 theme is...

Paradigm Shift

“A fundamental change in an individual's or a society's view of how things work in the world.”

The way we think about legal education is changing and not just at the edges.  The crash of 2008, the collapse of law school applicants and the access to justice gap have inspired law schools to launch new programs to compete in this shifted world.  Incubators, Innovation Clinics, Hackathons, Distance Learning, Academic Success, Learning Outcomes, Education Analytics …. we are doing different things and doing things differently.  Almost all of these have a technology component too and so are relevant for this year’s conference.  What is your law school doing?  What should you be doing?  Come to CALIcon19 to share your plans and discuss the new shifted present tense of legal education.


CALIcon19 is the 29th Annual CALI Conference for Law School Computing®, June 6  & 7, 2019 at the University of South Carolina School of Law in Columbia SC.

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