A Timelord, a Timeline and Legal Instruction

From online embeds to interactive displays, timelines can serve many purposes and tell powerful stories. In this session librarians team up with an archivist and a clinician to bring history to life, engage students, and preserve the scholarly and institutional milestones. A variety of tools for creating digital timelines and gathering content will be shared including TikiToki, TimeToast, Prezi and Piktochart. Comparisons will be given based on cost, technical limitations, collaborative potential, and general ease of use. Potential applications for timelines will also be shared in the form of examples including:

  • a TimeToast embedded timeline tribute for individual faculty scholarship as a part of research guides 
  • a TikiToki multi-media timeline celebrating the growth of clinical and experiential learning programs over the course of 50 years
  • a Piktochart timeline for classroom slides or printed display illustrating a series of significant trials
  • a Prezi timeline for conference and webinar presentations or self-guided histories

Time permitting, a live demo will guide attendees through the creation of a timeline with one of the tools. This session will be of interest to technologists, librarians and faculty alike. Attendees will walk away with an overview of the tools available for making timelines, ideas for how they could be used for instructional purposes, and a guide including examples and resources. 

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06/07/2019 - 14:30 to 06/07/2019 - 15:30