They said there would be no math: Law schools teaching high-tech and high-concept courses

This session will focus on the courses and programs law schools offer that teach advanced technologies and tech concepts.

Deborah Ginsberg, Chicago-Kent
Alex Rabanal, Chicago-Kent

The Law Lab is Chicago-Kent’s interdisciplinary teaching and research center focused on legal innovation and technology.  Through the Lab, in addition to taking standard law school courses like Bus Orgs and Evidence, law students study Legal Analytics; Legal Project Management + Process Improvement (Lean / Six Sigma); Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Law; and more.  

Over the last few years, many law schools have offered certificates and courses designed to provide students with not only technologies for everyday legal work, but technology skills and knowledge indented to revolutionize the legal world.  Suffolk University Law School offers a Legal Innovation & Technology Certificate. Hofstra students study The Policy and Business of Cryptocurrencies. University of California-Berkeley law students can explore venture capital through Startup@BerkeleyLaw.  These are just a few examples (see more at syllabi commons:

In this session, Deborah Ginsberg and Alex Rabanal will:

  • Map an overview of high-tech courses available to law students across the US

  • Describe what these courses have accomplished so far

  • Suggest cutting-edge topics that law schools will need to cover in the future

Attendees will explore possible new course and teaching opportunities for their own organizations.]]


Slides are here.

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06/06/2019 - 15:00 to 06/06/2019 - 16:00