S. C. Legal Services Presentation of Learn the Law Online Classrooms (The Process)


A Presentation of S.C. Legal Services Online Classrooms (The Process)

“Detours, Switchbacks and Straightaways: Designing, Creating and Producing an Online Classroom on LearntheLaw.org”

A panel discussion of the experience of the S.C. Legal Services Project Team in creating 5 online classrooms on LearntheLaw.org with a Technology Innovation Grant from Legal Services Corporation.  The panel will be moderated by attorney Leslie Fisk who was also one of five classroom coordinators.

Panelists from various stages of the process will include a law student, designer/animator and project coordinator.  They will talk about how they helped make it all happen.

The discussion will include lessons learned on collaboration with private attorneys, judiciary, state bar association, law students, A2JAuthors, and other groups.  There will also be a discussion about the lessons learned from content creation, including 21st century learning styles and plain language.  Methods of feedback and evaluation will also be covered. Finally, the panelists will review the technology that made it all happen and what they might do differently with future classes--which they intend to create because of the success of this experience and the reception the classrooms have received.

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06/06/2019 - 15:00 to 06/06/2019 - 16:00