If We Had a Redo

As the new University of South Carolina School of Law building was planned and then built, Adam Martin and Gary Moore from the School of Law worked with a third-party integrator and University Classroom Campus Technology over a several year period to design the audio-visual technology in the new University of South Carolina School of law building, as well working with University Technology Services networking group on the networking infrastructure.  Along the way, we also were somewhat involved in the planning for furniture and acoustics required in the classrooms and courtrooms as well. 

We had two tasks; First, be the client and capture the needs, wants and desires of the law school in regards to the audio-visual technology in classrooms and meeting rooms.  Second, ensure adequate infrastructure for information technology in the building for years to come.

Now two years after the opening of the new building, we reflect on things that we got for the most part right and things we would do differently.

Attendees should have a working level knowledge of audio-visual technology.    The presentation hopes to give insight to those planning a new building, a major renovation or even the renovation of just a classroom or conference room of what to look for when planning technology, furniture and acoustics. 


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06/07/2019 - 09:00 to 06/07/2019 - 10:00