The LII: 2020 and beyond

We've been shifting the paradigms of public legal information since 1992, and we're excited to preview some of what we're working on now and have planned for the future.  Will we be creating new collections, or increasing access to free online case law, or improving the way people search for and retrieve legal information, or re-imagining access to the CFR for the visually-impaired, or partnering with other LIIs in far-off places on groundbreaking civic initiatives, or launching an incubator for sparking imagination and creativity in the field of legal informatics?  If you know the LII, you already know the answer is "all of the above."  LII Associate Directors Sara Frug & Craig Newton might talk about some, all, or none of these things.   Y'all come down to see us in South Carolina and find out!


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06/06/2019 - 16:30 to 06/06/2019 - 17:30