Cancelling a Snow Day

Everyone loves a snow day.  The joy of an unexpected block of free time.  However, the work still must get done - which means suffering through a make-up class and the countless secondary effects a missed day unleashes on a course schedule.  Finding a time when everyone can meet, finding a space that is available at that time, and then adjusting due dates for assignments - just to name a few.  

This session will discuss how to create content that can be used to host an online makeup class.

A wide range of options will be discussed from posting readings and an audio recording made using a smartphone on a course management site, to hosting a live discussion using conferencing tools such as WebEx.

We see the institutional value of an initiative like this as extending beyond simply facilitating make-up class sessions.  As the ABA loosens the restrictions regarding on-line instruction, this is an opportunity for teaching faculty to experiment with instructional technology tools without needing to completely redesign their courses.

Time will be left at the end for participants to share their own experiences working on similar initiatives and to share best practices.  

Participants will leave with a toolkit of resources that can be used to create an online make-up class to share with their teaching faculty.  

This program was inspired by the Elon University Teaching and Learning Technology Office's campaign to encourage faculty to leverage technology rather than cancel classes.

Speakers still to be determined but will include at least Charlie Perkins and Cassandra Patterson from Elon Law.


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Session Time Slot(s)

06/07/2019 - 13:00 to 06/07/2019 - 14:00