Is There An App for That? Online tools & gamification of legal knowledge

Technology has not only changed how lawyers practice but how law students learn. e-Classroom platforms like Canvas, Blackboard and TWEN have proliferated, electronic casebooks are providing an alternative to heavy, expensive, physical ones and major legal publishers have made significant portions of their content available in ebook format.

Now we see apps like Law School Dojo and Learned Hands, online games focused on legal issue-spotting. CALI has long been an effective online tool for helping law students understand and test their legal knowledge. But as more of legal education goes digital-first, should we assume that all digital resources are the same or as effective as their analog antecedents?

This session is meant to frame a discussion on what the landscape is for digital study (and study aids): what's here, what's missing and most importantly, how do we figure out what works for what types of students. This session would be organized along the following topics, with a goal of getting audience participation: 

  • What we know about metacognition (i.e. understanding how one thinks and learns) and law students
  • The range of online study tools for law students
  • Where are there gaps in study tools and how law schools may fill them



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06/07/2019 - 10:30 to 06/07/2019 - 11:30