Thursday Night Reception

06/06/2019 - 18:00 to 06/06/2019 - 21:00
The Venue on Main - TopGolf Swing Suites
The Venue on Main - Top Golf Swing Suites

1621 Main Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Times:  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST


Top Golf Swing Suite features five state of the art simulator bays including a Champion Suite for the ultimate in luxurious fun. In addition to the bays, there are two well-appointed bars along with a new menu of mouthwatering entrees and appetizers specifically designed for TopGolf Swing Suite by a team of chefs. 

Each TopGolf Swing Suite simulator bay accommodates up to eight players and is up-fitted to maximize comfort and fun for our guests. In addition to over 80 meticulously rendered golf courses from around the world, the simulators feature additional games including Baseball, Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey, Football and Classic Carnival games for every skill level. 


Topcontender Game


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

Ready, aim, and swing toward the colored targets on the field in front of you. Whether it is your first time playing, or you are trying to beat your previous high score, everyone has fun with its classic golf game. Rack up points by hitting the ball harder and further into the targets! 

group playing games at topgolf swing suite


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

Accumulate points and work your way through the levels of this strategic game. Top Pressure is a round of golf combined with the classic competitive spirit of darts. You don’t need to be a part of the PGA tour to have fun with this game! 

Topchallenge Game


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

Through this classic golf game, test your skills by hitting the ball as close to the hole as possible! Hit it into the water or the sand trap, and your score won’t hide it! Get ready to tee up against your friends and prove your golf abilities. 

Baseball Pitching Game


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

If golf is not your strong suit, but you’re still looking for a great time, try out our baseball game. Prepare to throw some curveballs in an attempt to strike out the opposing team; don’t let your team down! 

Carnival Classic Game


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

The state fair only comes once a year, but with TopGolf’s Carnival Classic game, you can participate in all of your carnival favorites! Pop balloons and break plates to win. Get enough points, and make it to the bonus round, where you get to dunk a clown! 

guy playing zombie dodgeball at topgolf


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

A trio of zombie street dancers is looking to bust a move on your face. Defend yourself by hitting them with dodgeballs until time runs out. If more than one zombie reaches the fence, you’re in big trouble. In advanced mode, fend off a mob of zombie clowns!

Hockey Shot Games


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

You won’t need to lace up your skates to hit the ice here. Take aim at various nets and shoot your puck to score! You only have 8 shots, so give it your all. In advanced mode, show off your skills by using your stick to hit the puck into smaller nets. 

Quarterback Challenge Game


Modes: Beginner and Advanced

Down, set, hike! Prove your football abilities by throwing the game-winning touchdown. Your fans are rooting for you, and this is your moment! Don’t let your team down.