What the Japanese, the Swedes, and the Minimalists Can Teach Us About Legal Instruction

Using the philosophies of a number of popular organizing schemes, the speaker will summarize the lessons to be learned and applied to our teaching efforts. The participants will learn how these various productivity and lifestyle programs can:

  • Help instructors declutter and better organize our presentations.
  • Help instructors develop a syllabus and lesson plans filled with things we love.
  • Help our students develop practices and procedures to get things done.
  • Help our students find joy as well as relevant cases and statutes.

Everyone will have heard of KonMari, Swedish Death Cleaning, and New Minimalism. These programs do have lessons to teach us about improving the effectiveness of our instruction. The presenter will discuss the rewards of downsizing including our “ideas” files, lesson plans, and exercises. The goal is a form of organization that makes our instructional efforts run more smoothly and allows us to focus on the essentials. There will be an online guide with tips and suggestions. Anyone doing any kind of instruction will be interested in this program and there is no advance knowledge needed.


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