Website (re)Design Using Divi Builder: Shifting User and Visitor Experience

Attendees should have familiarity with web design using Wordpress, but attendees that are interested in learning to rethinking how they present the law school and law library to users will also benefit. 

Website redesigns present practical challenges but also open up possibilities. In this session, steps for engaging a law school community in a redesign will be explored. Using Divi Builder, key elements of the look and feel of your website can be replicated with department-specific information quickly and easily, creating a uniform user experience, while maintaining content oversight and a robust visitor experience. Likewise, rethinking how information is presented is key in the redesign process; taking a focused lens on the law library's webpages will demonstrate how a website can respond to the changing needs of faculty, student, and outside organization visitors.

Attendees will see Divi Builder in action, with a demonstration of its design functionality. Attendees will also learn the process of website redesign, including timelines for implementation and best practices for avoiding pitfalls via lessons learned. Finallly, by taking a deep dive into the law library's experience, attendees will see how a redesign can expose possibilities for rethinking how to present information on the web.


Gregory Miller, Digital Marketing Manager FIU Law

Raul E. Aviles, Web Development Technician FIU Law



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