Sharing our Students’ Stories: Building Collaborative Workflows

Potential law students like to learn more about our current students, but logistical issues can make it difficult to work with current students’ schedules in marketing projects. In this presentation we’ll share how we build relationships with students and created streamlined projects to tell meaningful stories about our current students that appeal to potential students.


  • Emily Barney, Technology Training and Marketing Librarian
  • Maricela Sanchez, Associate Director of Admissions

Our team at Chicago-Kent has included staff from the library, admissions, and our marketing departments. Building on our relationships with student organizations, event photos and headshots, and current hiring practices in our student tour guides programs made it easier to reach out to specific students.

Before we approached students, we started by identifying the types of stories we hoped to hear. Moving from broader themes into specific questions and keeping the process private and simple kept our initial “ask” from becoming too time consuming or difficult. To make sure students feel they have ownership over their stories and their voice is respected, they’re given full access to content before and after publication.

We’re working on ways to reuse content we create with our students, from blog posts and social media to email signatures and webinars. We want to make sure any content designed with students helps them build their professional reputation.

We’ll share examples of our document templates, resources we’ve built based on models from other schools, and the software and AV equipment we use to simplify setup and sharing.

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